CONTRACT TYPE: Community Project Leeds

ARCHITECT: Groundworks Architects LLP


Following submission of our tender for these works, we were requested to re-price various elements to bring the project cost in line with the client’s budget. This has been achieved and work has commenced on the property.

Our client is Artlink West Yorkshire, they are a community arts organisation specialising in arts and health initiatives. You can view their web page by clicking this link

A brief description of the works are as follows :

  • Underpinning to the party walls to either side of the property and to the rear; this will enable the floor level to be reduced to enable an increase in ceiling height.
  • Structural steelwork to enable the removal of existing bearing walls and generate an open workspace.
  • Demolition of full height chimney stack to enable -
  • Formation of a lift shaft and pit to house a new passenger lift.
  • Replacing numerous large sliding sash windows with new more thermally efficient windows.
  • Forming new openings to accommodate new windows and doors.
  • Bricking up existing openings with reclaimed bricks to match the existing.
  • Formation of a new dormer window, this is being clad in a stainless steel roofing system; as too is the roof of the lift shaft.
  • Upgrading the electrical, plumbing and mechanical installations.
  • Internal refurbishment, mainly joinery and plastering items.



Progress to 21st March 2011:


Now approaching the final phase of the project March has seen the following key milestones having been achieved:


·         First fix joinery and M&E works have been completed

·         Roofing works including the formation of the dormer has been completed

·         The installation of replacement windows and doors has been undertaken

·         Re-pointing the rear elevation has been completed and the external scaffold has been      removed

·         Plastering works are now 90% complete

·         The lift installation has commenced


The next couple of weeks will see the works progressing to the finishes stage prior to the completion of works pre Easter.







Progress to 21st February 2011:


  • This month has again seen some good progress on the project:
  • The construction of the lift shaft block work has been completed and cladding and roofing works to teh dormer constructed above the roof line has commenced.
  • Damp proofing works have been completed.
  • All internal floor alterations have been completed.
  • Plastering works have commenced.
  • 90% of alterations to the rear wall have been completed.
  • Replacement sliding sash windows have been delivered to site.     

    Commencement of plastering works

    Dormer and lift cladding work progresses

    Dormer and lift cladding work progresses

    Windows have now been delivered ready for installing

    Windows have now been delivered ready for installing








Progress to 24th January 2011:

  • December and January has seen good progress on the project. The site was open during the Christmas break to ensure we made the best possible start to 2011.
  • Structural steelwork has been installed.
  • The underpinning has been completed and the basement floor slab has been cast.
  • Internal block work and the construction of the lift shaft has commenced.
  • Mechanical and Electrical first fix works are substantially complete.
  • Floors are being cut back as the lift shaft progresses.

Progress to 9th December 2010:

  • The client’s fixtures and fittings have been fully stripped out.
  • Internal alterations are on-going.
  • The existing chimney has been fully demolished to enable the ground floor sub-structure works.
  • The structural steelwork has been measured and is being fabricated off site, ready for installation on site once the ground beam has been cast.
  • The windows have been ordered, these are on a 12 week lead-time.
  • The lift has been ordered; this is on a 21 week lead-time and is critical to the completion date of the project.
  • The freezing weather is slowing the progress down on the underpinning, but none the less we are soldiering on.